This Calendar App is a Beauty

A minimal and modern calendar app with an exceptional design. A digital version of your bullet journal where you can organize events, tasks and notes.


Clean Screen Design

Bullet Journal Style

Log events, tasks and notes for every day.

Calendar View

Easily navigate between the months and see all busy days.

Journal View

Beautiful timeline to go back and forth.

Useful Features

that a paper planner does not offer


Set Reminders

Get push notifications for important tasks or events.

Add Highlights

Highlight significant calendar entries with beautiful shades of pastel colors.

Set Recurrences

Easily create daily, weekly, monthly or yearly items.

New!! Sync your calendars

Easily import events from your Apple, Google or Outlook Calendar.


Event Manager

Plan appointments.

To-Do List

Schedule tasks and check them off.


Take daily notes.

Cute Extensions for your Home Screen: Widgets (In-App-Purchase)

Your new calendar for 2024

and 2025, 2026, 2027, …

The PLANBELLA Planner app is a one time purchase. It costs less than a paper planner but it will serve you forever. Stop feeling overwhelmed by your planners. What if you could mange your appointments, tasks, and notes effortlessly, all in one place? Transform chaos into calm. Planbella's elegant design keeps your busy life organized.


Enjoy an elegant and eye-pleasing design

Plan ahead

Plan appointments and set up a stylish agenda

Manage your Tasks

Write daily to-do lists and mark tasks as completed

Be Mindful

Take notes for every day and create a diary

Be efficient

Use push notifications as reminders and save time with recurrence options

Full Privacy

No sign-in or register necessary, no cloud servers involved